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This is one of the most picturesque villages in France.  The hillsrise up in anticipation to greet you with lush green fields and vineyards surrounding the perched hillside village.  Rays of sunshine make the countryside colors pop with surreal beauty.    On our first day visiting the village, we were headed up the steep slopes of the hillside when the car stalled.  We thought, uh oh, we are on a hill, now what?  We tried to push the car out of the way, over to the side, against the retaining wall at the edge of a cliff.  I am not the best with a clutch and as my husband pushed, I almost had us going over the hill.  If it weren’t for the wall it could have been a disaster.  All of this is going on when I look around and see a little old French woman has her head stuck out of her window watching us.  We were definitely her entertainment that day. Fortunately, we weren’t there for very long before a nice French man came along and asked us if we needed help.  (Who says the French are rude?)

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