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Imagine you are sitting behind the fortified walls of a medieval castle built by the Romans in 100BC, first settled in 3500 BC. Carcassonne is the "Cité", a famous architectural monument, unique in Europe, on a hill looming over vineyards with the Black Mountain in the distance. Inside the ramparts are towers, narrow streets, secret gardens, courtyards and fountains.  Portions of Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves were shot here.  "I doubt that there exists anywhere in Europe as complete and formidable a system of defense of the 6th, 12th and 13th centuries, as interesting a subject of study, and a more picturesque situation" - Viollet le Duc.     It is something out of a fairy tale as a little girl plays by the fountain with the sun rays shining upon her.  At night, the ramparts light  up the castle in stunning glory.  Live like royalty and stay in a hotel room all your own inside these walls.

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