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Located in France, 421 miles SW of Paris, lies a sleepy village on a hilltop.  A place you can experience le bon vie.  The fortified town was built in 1222 by the Count of Toulouse, a Cathar heretic.   Until recently the town's name was Cordes, a word thought to come from the Indo-European root "corte" meaning "rocky heights."  The village is striking as it rises into the sky above the clouds on a towering hill with a beautiful fertile valley below.   When walking through the narrow cobblestone streets, many cats are lounging around in the early morning hours; the village belongs to le chat  on a quiet French morning before the town comes to life.  The village consists of many ancient houses on narrow streets with artisans plying their skills -- blacksmiths, graphic artists, weavers, engravers, sculptors, and painters.

Cats in Cordes

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