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Relais Vattoria Vignale Under the Tuscan Sun

Surrounding this picture is a beautiful small village in the middle of Tuscany; a sleepy town by the name of Radda in Chianti overlooking rolling hills of deep green, laced with vineyards and dotted with olive trees.  Rolling fields and sky mesh into colors of blue, purple and green as far as the eye can see.  Occasionally you hear the clink of a cow bell and the sound of a goat.  In the distance, a farmer feeds the chickens by an old shed.  Radda defines the word peaceful. Relax, enjoy the countryside by the pool, and reach out to pluck a ripe juicy grape from a vine.

Tuscany morning

Radda pleasures - Walk to the café every morning for a pastry (or two). There are many secrets in Radda with its tunnels, castles and walled abbeys.

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