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The beauty of the city of Cannes on the French Riviera is dazzling. Everywhere you look are glitzy hotels, fancy cars, beautiful beaches, and jet-setting celebrities.  You can feel the  atmosphere of vibrancy, cultural richness and proud heritage. Cannes has breathtaking panoramic scenery, as in this picture of the La Croisette, the beautiful waterfront avenue with gorgeous palm trees offering a relaxing promenade.  La Croisette is very famous for its picturesque beaches where you can find many first-class resorts, restaurants, hip cafés and an array of brand name boutiques. Stroll along the beaches and enjoy a treat of gelato on a sunny warm August afternoon.  In the evening, enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach at one of the French waterside restaurants eating French cuisine and drinking wine while surrounded by candlelight and turquoise water. Cul Sec!

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